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Nomadika has been a work in progress for a long time; a lifetime even. Growing up on a farm in the state’s Great Southern, I have always had a strong affinity to the outdoors. My two sisters and I would spend hours fishing in the creek, hiking through the bush and building countless forts and cubbies.

As we aged, we progressed from camping in the backyard to setting up our tent in the furtherest corners of the farm; loving the opportunity to get away from the humdrum of the familiar. Campfires were built, sausages were burnt, elbows were grazed and arguments were had but the pay-off was being somewhere new and experiencing it through fresh eyes.

This wanderlust and passion for change eventually led me to explore cities and countries away from Western Australia. From getting saddle sore on camels in India to meeting my amazing wife in Bolivia, I have loved every one of my travel experiences. However, I am yet to find a place I have enjoyed exploring as much as my own backyard.

While spending six years promoting learning outside the classroom to Western Australian students, something I am hugely committed to, I gradually became more and more interested in reengaging not only young people, but adults in the wonder, adventure and romance of the outdoors. This interest has grown into a passion to get people out of their houses and into their gardens and parks. A passion to prove that camping can be glamorous and romantic and fun, something that should be experienced by all.

Now with a young baby of our own, our family is finally in a place where we are ready to take this idea and excitement to the wider community. We would love to show you how amazing, refreshing and surprising a slight shift in the norm can be, how we don't need to travel hundreds of miles to be transported somewhere new and exciting as it all really is in our own backyards.

We aren't looking to take over the world, just make it a little more wondrous.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to working with you to create your own pop-up sanctuary.

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The Nomadika Family; Kristal, Priya and Doug

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